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Loading the Data

This program allows you to search your '23andMe' results for your special SNPs. First you need to choose a chromosome from the drop down menu. The chromosome details are: Chromosome 1a rs4477212  -  rs696702 Chromosome 1b rs699850   -  rs10913157 Chromosome 1c rs12142594 -  rs12746903 Chromosome 2a rs9213     -  rs17030670 Chromosome 2b rs6546174  -  rs298224 Chromosome 2c rs297583   -  rs12478296 Chromosome 3a rs13060385 -  rs17416597 Chromosome 3b rs1158602  -  rs9877084 Chromosome 3c rs9812437  -  rs10433653 Chromosome 4a rs13125929 -  rs4694490 Chromosome 4b rs7678207  -  rs1304390 Chromosome 4c rs354843   -  rs39003261 Chromosome 5a rs2135917  -  rs6897379 Chromosome 5b rs7733469  -  rs17169129 Chromosome 5c rs17597705 -  rs6894609 Chromosome 6a rs7774353  -  rs2518100 Chromosome 6b rs9463531  -  rs6941603 Chromosome 6c rs10872479 -  rs12530134 Chromosome 7a rs7456436  -  rs6465633 Chromosome 7b rs9641218  -  rs1124425 Chromosome 8a rs11780869 -  rs6472357 Chromosome 8b rs10156241 -  rs6599566 Chromosome 9a rs10814410 -  rs913806 Chromosome 9b rs17054953 -  rs9314655 Chromosome 10a rs11252127 -  rs10997935 Chromosome 10b rs10997936 -  rs9645536 Chromosome 11a rs3802985  -  rs17133793 Chromosome 11b rs7104200  -  rs11224228 Chromosome 12a rs11063263 -  rs2717434 Chromosome 12b rs17226465 -  rs11147298 Chromosome 13a rs2762261  -  rs9530270 Chromosome 13b rs7989171  -  rs17067959 Chromosome 14 Chromosome 15 Chromosome 16 Chromosome 17 Chromosome 18 Chromosome 19 Chromosome 20 Chromosome 21 Chromosome 22 Next use READ and ANALYSE to get enter the details of the data file, Now OPEN your data file for the same chromosome, repeat the use of CTRL-A and CTRL-C and paste the data in the lower box, using CTRL-V

Running the program

Next use READ and MATCH DATA to run the program. Changing the selected level as you wish.

Result Summary Pages

A Summary Page is available for each chromosome. Click here for Chromosome   1 Click here for Chromosome   2 Click here for Chromosome   3 Click here for Chromosome   4 Click here for Chromosome   5 Click here for Chromosome   6 Click here for Chromosome   7 Click here for Chromosome   8 Click here for Chromosome   9 Click here for Chromosome 10 Click here for Chromosome 11 Click here for Chromosome 12 Click here for Chromosome 13 Click here for Chromosome 14 Click here for Chromosome 15 Click here for Chromosome 16 Click here for Chromosome 17 Click here for Chromosome 18 Click here for Chromosome 19 Click here for Chromosome 20 Click here for Chromosome 21 Click here for Chromosome 22 If you wish to have your results added to a summary page please contact me.