Haplogroup D4j.

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Haplogroup D4j tree

Haplogroup D is an Eastern Asian group which also spread into the Americas.

Here are examples of sequences for this haplogroup:
 1.  AP008278 TCsq0019(Japanese) Tanaka      16-JUL-2005
 2.  AP008496 KAsq0058(Japanese) Tanaka      16-JUL-2005
 3.  AP008611 ONsq0115(Japanese) Tanaka      16-JUL-2005
 4.  AP008690 HNsq0214(Japanese) Tanaka      16-JUL-2005
 5.  AP008780 NDsq0124(Japanese) Tanaka      16-JUL-2005

 6.  AY255134(Chinese)           Kong        04-OCT-2006

 7.  EF114276(China)             Wang        31-OCT-2007
 8.  EF114277(China)             Wang        31-OCT-2007
 9.  EF114278(China)             Wang        31-OCT-2007

10.  EU007871(Kazakh)            Ingman_gyll 13-SEP-2007
11.  EU007877(Mansi)             Ingman_gyll 13-SEP-2007

12.  EU482325(Yukaghir)          Volodko     28-NOV-2008
13.  EU482337(Buriat)            Volodko     28-NOV-2008
14.  EU482360(Evenki)            Volodko     28-NOV-2008
15.  EU482362(Ket)               Volodko     28-NOV-2008
16.  EU482369(Nganasan)          Volodko     28-NOV-2008
17.  EU482377(Tubalar)           Volodko     28-NOV-2008
18.  EU482379(Tubalar)           Volodko     28-NOV-2008
19.  EU482381(Tubalar)           Volodko     28-NOV-2008
20.  EU482382(Tubalar)           Volodko     28-NOV-2008

21.  FJ415605(Lithuania)         FTDNA       14-NOV-2008

22.  AP010987(Japan)             Ueno        27-JAN-2009
23.  AP010988(Japan)             Ueno        27-JAN-2009
24.  AP011035(Japan)             Ueno        27-JAN-2009

All sequences have these differences from the CRS:

- for the main stem leading from H:

A73G     A263G    T489C    A750G    A1438G   A2706G   A4769G   C7028T   A8860G
C10400T  G11719A  C12705T  C14766T  T14783C  G15043A  A15326G  C16223T  

- and for Haplogroup D:

G3010A   C4883T   C5178A   C8414T   A8701G   T9540C   A10398G  T10873C  C14668T 
G15301A  T16362C

- and for D4j

- G11696A

the mutation lists are:
 1.  AP008278 TCsq0019(Japanese) Tanaka Haplogroup D4j (4883)
G4048A   C4071T   A4164G   A5351G   G5460A   G6261A   T9128C   G11696A 

 2.  AP008496 KAsq0058(Japanese) Tanaka Haplogroup D4j
T7501A   T9909C   C11422T  T16172C 

 3.  AP008611 ONsq0115(Japanese) Tanaka Haplogroup D4j
G207A    T6392C   T16231C 

 4.  AP008690 HNsq0214(Japanese) Tanaka Haplogroup D4j
G1709A   G5824A   T13656C  T15139C  C16184T  T16311C  A16525G 

 5.  AP008780 NDsq0124(Japanese) Tanaka
T11935C  A16299G 

 6. AY255134(Chinese) Kong
G1442A   4315.1T  A9007G   T10724C  T12732C 

 7.  EF114276(China) Wang
G417A    G1709A   T4500C   A8601R   C8702T   C16184T  T16311C 

 8. EF114277(China) Wang (1438)
G417A    G1709A   T4500C   A8601R   C8702T   C16184T  T16311C 

 9. EF114278(China) Wang
G417A    G1709A   T4500C   C8702T   C16184T  T16311C 

10. EU007871(Kazakh) Ingman_gyll  13-SEP-2007
G9548A   C16174T 

11. EU007877(Mansi) Ingman_gyll Haplogroup D4j 13-SEP-2007
T152C    G3693A   G5563A   G5824A   G12501A  C16291T  T16519C 

12. EU482325(Yukaghir) Volodko Haplogroup D4j
G1598A   A7445C   C13086T  G13368A  A14128G  G16319A 

13. EU482337(Buriat) Volodko Haplogroup D4j

14. EU482360(Evenki) Volodko Haplogroup D4j
T7861C   T10245C  T16263C  T16519C 

15. EU482362(Ket) Volodko Haplogroup D4j
T152C    G3693A   G5563A   G5824A   G12501A  T15530C  C16291T  T16311C  T16519C 

16. EU482369(Nganasan) Volodko Haplogroup D4j
T10245C  T16519C 

17. EU482377(Tubalar) Volodko
A9578G   G12406A  T13753C  C16082T  C16147A 

18. EU482379(Tubalar) Volodko Haplogroup D4j

19. EU482381(Tubalar) Volodko

20. EU482382(Tubalar) Volodko

21. FJ415605(Lithuania) FTDNA 14-NOV-2008
T152C    G5563A   G5824A   G12501A  C16261T  C16291T  T16519C 

22. AP010987(Japan)Ueno 27-JAN-2009
C11218T  G12630A  T13356C  A16293G  T16311C  G16398A 

23. AP010988(Japan)Ueno 27-JAN-2009
T152C    G1709A   A13410G  T13656C  T15139C  C16184T  T16311C  A16525G 

24. AP011035(Japan)Ueno 27-JAN-2009
T3753C   T5578Y   T5580C   A13632G  G16129A  T16157C  C16184T  T16311C