Haplogroup H14

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Haplogroup H14 tree

Haplogroup H14 is a small European group.

The details of sequences are:

1. Achill        A12.JS

2. Roostalu      A6.JS    AM263182(Turk)

3. Roostalu      A7.JS   AM263183(Armenia)

4. Behar2008     A16.JS  EF556163

Changes from CRS of:

A263G  A750G  A1438G  A4769G  A8860G  A15326G

and for H14 all sequences have   T7645C & A10217G  

and allowing for various insertions at 309. and 315.

 1. Achilli       A12.JS   AY738951(Italy)
C522.    A523.    T7645C   A10217G  G11377A  T12879C  C14766T  C16256T  T16352C

 2. Roostalu      A6.JS    AM263182(Turk)
T152C    T3197C   T7645C   A10217G  T16172C

 3. Roostalu      A7.JS    AM263183(Armenia)
T980C    T2614C   C3589T   T3621C   G3666A   T7645C   C8080T   A10217G  A10398G
T16189C  C16256T  T16352C 

 4. Behar2008     A16.JS   EF556163
T146C    C7864T   A11002G  C12870T  C16256T  T16352C