Haplogroup H4.

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Haplogroup H4 tree Haplogroup H4 is European group. The details of the sequences are: 1. Achilli A11.JS AY738950(Italy) 2. Coble (1)A6.JS AY495095(European) 3. Coble (1)A22.JS AY495111(European) 4. Coble (1)A34.JS AY495123(European) 5. Coble (2)A29.JS AY495178(European) 6. Coble (2)A30.JS AY495179(European) 7. Coble (2)A32.JS AY495181(European) 8. Coble (2)A33.JS AY495182(European) 9. Coble (2)A34.JS AY495183(European) 10. Coble (2)A35.JS AY495184(European) 11. Coble (2)A37.JS AY495186(European) 12. Herrnstadt mtDNA78(Europe) CODING AREA ONLY 13. Detjen A5.JS DQ358977 14. Fraumene DQ523646(Sardinia) 15. Pereira A36.JS EF177440(Portugal) 16. Roostalu AM263184(Lezgin) 17. Roostalu AM263185(Turk) 18. FTDNA A51.JS EF609015 19. Gasparre2 A29.JS EF660991(Italy) (incomplete) 20. FTDNA2007 21. FTDNA A57.JS EU051827 22. FTDNA2 A35.JS EU200347 23. FTDNA3 EU636711(Denmark) H4a 24. Behar2008 A44.JS EF556191 H4a Changes from CRS of: A263G A750G A1438G C3992T A4769G A8860G A15326G - various insertions at 309 & 315 and 522 & 523 - all have T5004C G9123A, and except for H4b - A4024G C14365T A14582G The mutation lists are: 1. Achilli A11.JS AY738950(Italy) T7581C G15497A G15930A A16164G 2. Coble (1)A6.JS AY495095(European) G8269A A10044G 3. Coble (1)A22.JS AY495111(European) G8269A A10044G 4. Coble (1)A34.JS AY495123.2(European) T152C T7741C T8433C T8975Y 5.Coble (2)A29.JS AY495178(European) A73G G8269A A10044G 6. Coble (2) A30.JS AY495179(European) A73G G8269A T9997C A10044G 7. Coble (2)A32.JS AY495181(European) A73G G8269A A10044G 8. Coble (2)A33.JS AY495182(European) A73G G8269A A10044G 9. Coble (2)A34.JS AY495183(European) A73G G8269A A10044G T13161C 10. Coble (2)A35.JS AY495184(European) A73G T7058C G8269A A10044G C12687T G15172A 11. Coble (2)A37.JS AY495186(European) A73G A1656G G8269A T10007C T10034C A10044G G11440A 12. Herrnstadt mtDNA78(Europe) G5773A G8269A G13889A A14133G 13. Detjen A5.JS DQ358977 G8269A C16104T C16260T 14. Fraumene DQ523646(Sardinia) G7356A G7521A 15. Pereira A36.JS EF177440(Portugal) G5147A T15394C A16037G A16162G 16. Roostalu AM263184(Lezgin) (4024 14365) H4b T152C T10166C G16526A 17. Roostalu AM263185(Turk) (4024 14365) H4b T152C T10166C T16092C 18. FTDNA A51.JS EF609015 H4a A73G A1656G G8269A T10007C T10034C A10044G G11440A C16184T 19. Gasparre2 A29.JS EF660991(Italy) H4 (incomplete) A73G A3305G G8269A T10007C T10034C A10044G G12406A A16317G T16362C 20. FTDNA2007 A73G G8269A A10044G 21. FTDNA A57.JS EU051827 T152C A1027G A4024G T5004C A7894G G8269A G9123A C14365T T16209C 22. FTDNA2 A35.JS EU200347 H4a A73G G8269A T10007C T10034C A10044G 23. FTDNA3 EU636711(Denmark) H4a G8269A T10124C T11875C G13708A T14956C 24. Behar2008 A44.JS EF556191 H4a T195C G513A G5773A G8269A G13889A A14133G