Haplogroup H8.

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Haplogroup H8 tree

Haplogroup H8 is a small European group.

The details of sequences are:

 1. Achilli           A18.JS     AY738957(Italy)

 2. Mishmar           A14.JS     AY195758(Caucasian)

 3. Pereira           A25.JS     EF177429(Portugal)

 4. Ingman_gyll_2007  A48.JS     EU007882(Shortci)

Changes from CRS of:

A263G  A750G   A1438G   A4769G  A8860G  A15326G

- allowing for various insertions at 309. and 315.

- and the variable nature of 16519.

and for H8 all have:
T146C    T195C    G709A    A13101C  T16288C  T16362C

 1. Achilli    A18.JS   AY738957(Italy)
C16111T  C16167T  

 2. Mishmar    A14.JS  AY195758(Caucasian)
C114T    T152C    C198T    A210G    A9114G   A12373G  G13711A  G16153A 

 3. Pereira    A25.JS  EF177429(Portugal)
C114T    G143A    T152C    G14198A  T16288C  T16362C

 4. Ingman_gyll_2007  A48.JS  EU007882(Shortci)
T961C    965.C    A7765G   A12490G  T16093C