Haplogroups L3a.

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Haplogroup L3a tree

Haplogroup L3a is a small African haplogroup.

The details of the sequences are:
 1. Torroni       A24.JS         DQ341081             L3a1

 2. Behar_geno5   A44.JS         EU092941(L606)       L3a2
Changes from CRS of:

A73G     A263G    A750G    A1438G   A2706G   A4769G   C7028T   A8701G   A8860G
T9540C   A10398G  T10873C  G11719A  C12705T  C14766T  G15301A  A15326G  C16223T

and for L3a in particular

T152C    A522-    A523-    C12816T  A16316G

- excluding changes at 309 and 315

 1. Torroni       A24.JS    DQ341081(Ethiopia)(L633)  L3a1   (16223)
C151T    T195C    C198T    T721C    C2357T   A5310G   C10184T  C10314T  G12618A 
T13443C  G13708A  T14461C  A14566G  A14851G  G15553A  T16178C  T16189C  A16254G 

 2. Behar_geno5   A44.JS    EU092941(L606)            L3a2
C573T    G709A    A1118G   C3996T   G5585A   A6895G   A7364G   A13887G  C16278T