Haplogroups L3h.

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Haplogroup L3h tree

Haplogroups L3h is a small African haplogroup.

The details of the sequences are:

 1. Ingman        A38.JS        AF347000(Mkamba)
 2. Kivisild      (1)A33.JS     DQ112718(Dominican Rep) CODING AREA ONLY
 3. Kivisild      (4)A62.JS     DQ112957(Africa)        CODING AREA ONLY
 4. Kivisild      (4)A66.JS     DQ112961(Africa)        CODING AREA ONLY

 5. Torroni       A22.JS        DQ341079(Ethiopia)
 6. Torroni       A23.JS        DQ341080(Ethiopia)

 7. Gonder        A43.JS        EF184622(Tanzania)

 8. Behar2008     A19.JS        EF556166

Changes from CRS of:

A73G     A263G    A750G    A1438G   A2706G   A4769G   C7028T   A8701G   A8860G
T9540C   A10398G  T10873C  G11719A  C12705T  C14766T  G15301A  A15326G  C16223T

- variable changes at 309 and 315
- variable changes at 522. and 523.

G1719A   A4388G   C5300T   T7861C   T9509C   G9575A   A11590G 

 1. Ingman        A38.JS   AF347000(Mkamba)
T146C    A291G    T4688C   T4742C   T5004C   T5492C   T7058A   C7858T   C8781A
C8943T   G10197A  G11377A  T12175C  G12236A  T12519C  A12999G  A14587G  C14862T
C15646T  T16311C  A16399G

 2. Kivisild      (1)A33.JS   DQ112718(Dominican Rep)
G2831A   T3777C   T4859C   A7055G   A8767G   C9827T   A10044G  A10289G  C11563T
 3. Kivisild      (4)A62.JS     DQ112957(Africa)
C516T    G709A    T4117C   G5316A   T5492C   T8047C   G8387A   G8485A   A9080G
C12432T  G13708A  T13926C  T14110C

 4. Kivisild      (4)A66.JS  DQ112961(Africa)
C516T    G709A    G1888A   T4117C   G5316A   T5492C   C7493T   T8047C   G8485A
A9080G   T10463C  A11029G  C12432T  G13708A  T13926C  T14110C  A14370G

 5. Torroni       A22.JS     DQ341079(Ethiopia)
A189C    T195C    G2831A   T3777C   T4859C   A7055G   A8767G   C9827T   A10044G
A10289G  C11563T  G11963A  G14410A  T16126C  A16215G  C16256A  A16284G  T16311C 

And only, T7861C & G9575A
 6. Torroni       A23.JS  DQ341080(Ethiopia)
C150T    T195C    T318C    G513A    A2707G   A3879G   A4122G   G5147A   G5460A
T5567C   A5813G   T5930C   G8020A   T9098C   A9254G   G9380A   T9965C   G11440A
A12469G  C13080T  C13755T  C16111T  C16184T  T16304C  T16519C 

 7. Gonder        A43.JS  EF184622(Tanzania)
A93G     A95C     T146C    T246C    C1652A   G3834A   T5492C   C6482T   C8781A 
G9932A   A10042G  T10304C  G15002A  G15466A  C16192T  T16311C  T16359C 

 8. Behar2008     A19.JS  EF556166
T146C    T152C    T4688C   T4742C   T5090C   T5492C   C8781A   C8943T   C12014T 
T12175C  G12236A  T12519C  A14587G  C14862T  C14908T  C15646T  C16148T  C16192T 
C16234T  T16311C  A16399G