Haplogroups L7.

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Haplogroup L7 tree

Haplogroup L7 is a small African haplogroup.

The details of the sequences are:

 1. Torroni  A7.JS     DQ341064(Ethiopia)

Changes from CRS of:

A73G     A263G    A750G    G769A    G1018A   A1438G   A2706G   A4769G   C7028T
A8701G   A8860G   T9540C   A10398G  T10873C  G11719A  C12705T  C14766T  G15301A
A15326G  C16223T

The mutation list is:

 1. Torroni     A7.JS   DQ341064(Ethiopia)
C150T    G185A    A189G    T195C    C198T    315.C    C325T    G3357A   G5460A
T6167C   C7376T   G7762A   G7775A   T8473C   A8631G   G8697A   G10373A  T11253C
A11344G  T11485C  A11653G  A12280G  T12414C  T13174C  A13344G  T14000A  T14302C
A16207T  C16260T  C16261T  T16311C  T16362C  T16519C


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