Haplogroup M21.

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Haplogroup M21 tree

The groups around the M* are mainly East Asian groups.

The sequences for the M21 haplogroup are:

 1. Macaulay      A5.JS    AY963576(Semang)
 2. Macaulay      A6.JS    AY963577(Semang)
 3. Macaulay      A10.JS   AY963581(Semelai)

 4. Dancause      A25.JS   FJ442938(Thailand)
The sequences has these differences from the CRS:

- for the main stem leading from H:

73       263      750      1438     2706     4769     7028     8701
8860     9540     10398    10873    11719    12705    14766    15301
15326    16223

- and for the M* branch:

489      10400    14783    15043

- and for  M21


- and ignoring changes at 309 & 315.

the mutation list is:

 1. Macaulay      A5.JS    AY963576(Semang)
T152C    G709A    A3796G   C10202T  T11287C  G11611A  A15924G  T16093C  G16129A
C16256T  T16271C  T16362C 

 2. Macaulay      A5.JS    AY963577(Semang)
G709A    C2225A   G5177A   5899.C   G6023A   C6164T   T6253C   G9182A   G10172A
C11665A  G12501A  C15468T  G15553A  A15924G  G15930A  T16093C  G16129A  T16263C
T16381C  T16519C

 3. Macaulay      A10.JS   AY963581(Semelai)
A200G    T204C    270.T    T2222C   G3915A   T5093C   T5108C   A7765G   T7861C
A8718G   T9116C   G12940A  G15106A  T15511C  G15734A  C16242T  G16319A  T16519C

 4. Dancause      A25.JS   FJ442938(Thailand)
A210G    C253T    G709A    G1598A   A1763G   T2080C   A3663G   C3819T   G3915A 
T5108C   C6231T   T7861C   C8509T   A10876G  A15236G  G16145A  A16181G  C16192T 
C16291T  T16304C  T16519C