Haplogroup M33.

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Haplogroup M33 tree

The groups around the M* are mainly East Asian groups.

The sequences for the M33 haplogroup are:

 1. Sun           A24.JS          AY922276
 2. Sun           A46.JS          AY922298

 3. Thangaraj     A9.JS           DQ408680.2(Tadvi)

 4. FTDNA2        A20.JS          EU148486
The sequences has these differences from the CRS:

- for the main stem leading from H:

A73G     A263G    A750G    A1438G   A2706G   A4769G   C7028T   A8701G
A8860G   T9540C   A10398G  T10873C  G11719A  C12705T  C14766T  G15301A
A15326G  T16223C

- and for the M* branch:

489      10400    14783    15043

- and for  M33


- and ignoring changes at 309 & 315.

the mutation list is:

 1. Sun           A24.JS          AY922276
C150T    C462T    C5124A   A5423G   C8562T   T10166C  A13731G  T15908C  C16169T
T16172C  C16278T

 2. Sun           A46.JS          AY922298
T60C     A93G     A95C     T152C    G676A    G1719A   A3221G   C3798T   T6293C
8276.C   C9344T   A11893G  T12477C  C13329T  C16260T  T16324C  T16362C  T16519C 

 3. Thangaraj     A9.JS           DQ408680.2(Tadvi)
T199C    C8562T   T8705C   A10598G  T11569C  T12696C  A13105G  T15908C  T16140C 
T16311C  T16519C 

 4. FTDNA2        A20.JS          EU148486
G3316A   A4079G   C4182T   C4577T   A5894G   A7364G   T8227C   T8848C   C16111T 
A16235G  T16362C  T16519C 

 5. Abu-Amero   A12.JS            EU370393(S Arabia)
A73G    T252C   A263G   C462T   T489C   A750G   A1438G  A2706G  A4769G  
A5423G  C7028T  C7406T  T7407C  C8562T  A8593G  A8701G  A8860G  T9540C  A10398G 
C10400T T10873C G11719A C12705T T13151C A13731G C15238T G15301A A15326G T15514C 
T15908C T16086C C16169T T16172C C16223T C16242T T16519C 


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