Haplogroup M8.

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Haplogroup M8 tree

Haplogroup M8 is a small East Asian haplogroup.

Here are the examples of sequences for this haplogroup:
 1. Kong           A18.JS     AY255150(Chinese)
 2. Kong           A29.JS     AY255161(Chinese)

 3. Starik.        A14.JS     AY519497(Ulchi)

 4. Tanaka         (2)A24.JS  HNsq0231(Japanese)
 5. Tanaka         (2)A46.JS  HNsq0253(Japanese)
 6. Tanaka         (5)A54.JS  KAsq0094(Japanese)
 7. Tanaka         (6)A6.JS   NDsq0017(Japanese)
 8. Tanaka         (6)A7.JS   NDsq0018(Japanese)
 9. Tanaka         (7)A14.JS  NDsq0181(Japanese)
10. Tanaka         (7)A18.JS  NDsq0189(Japanese)
11. Tanaka         (7)A34.JS  NDsq0219(Japanese)
12. Tanaka         (9)A40.JS  PDsq0035(Japanese)
13. Tanaka         (10)A42.JS PDsq0137(Japanese)

14. Herrnstadt     A29.JS     mtDNA212(Asia)        CODING AREA ONLY

15. Kivisild       (3)A51.JS  DQ112876(Asia)        CODING AREA ONLY

16. FTDNA2          A43.JS    EU219349

The sequences has these differences from the CRS:

- for the main stem leading from H:

73       263      750      1438     2706     4769     7028     8701
8860     9540     10398    10873    11719    12705    14766    15301
15326    16223

- and for the M* branch:

489      10400    14783    15043

- and for haplogroups C, Z, & M8:

4715     7196     8584     15487     16298

- and for M8:

6179     8684     14470    16319

the mutation list is:

 1. Kong           A18.JS      AY255150(Chinese)
T152C    C2835T   A3714G   T6216C   8288.A   8288.C   8288.C   8288.C   8288.C
8288.C   8288.T   8288.C   8288.T   G11176A  C16184T  T16189C  T16311C  G16390A
T16468C  G16470A  G16471A  G16473A

 2. Kong           A29.JS      AY255161(Chinese)
A234G    C2835T   G8020A   T9861C   G10646A  T12375C  A13681G  C13993T  C16184T

 3. Starikovskaya  A14.JS      AY519497(Ulchi)
C2835T   C4670T   T6671C   G12192A  A13050G  G15106A  C16184T  T16519C

 4. Tanaka        (2)A24.JS    HNsq0231(Japanese)
T6719C   A8453G   G15047A  G15148A  G15355A  T15697C  T16086C  C16259T  T16311C

 5. Tanaka        (2)A46.JS    HNsq0253(Japanese)
C2835T   T3290C   A15244G  C16184T

 6. Tanaka        (5)A54.JS    KAsq0094(Japanese)
T152C    C2835T   T4047C   G5252A   C16184T  A16293G  T16519C

 7. Tanaka        (6)A6.JS     NDsq0017(Japanese)
T152C    C2835T   C4670T   T6671C   A13050G  C16184T

 8. Tanaka        (6)A7.JS     NDsq0018(Japanese)
T152C    C2835T   C4670T   T6671C   A13050G  C16184T  G16213A

 9. Tanaka        (7)A14.JS    NDsq0181(Japanese)
T146C    T152C    C522.    A523.    A1382C   G3010A   T3372C   T7319C   G11176A
C16184T  T16189C  C16278T  G16470A  G16471A

10. Tanaka        (7)A18.JS    NDsq0189(Japanese)
T6719C   A8453G   G12406A  G15047A  G15148A  G15355A  T15697C  T16311C 

11. Tanaka        (7)A34.JS    NDsq0219(Japanese)
T6719C   A8453G   G15047A  G15148A  G15355A  T15697C  T16311C 

12. Tanaka         (9)A40.JS   PDsq0035(Japanese)
T152C    C2835T   C4670T   T6671C   A13050G  C16184T 

13. Tanaka         (10)A42.JS  PDsq0137(Japanese)
T152C    C2835T   C4670T   T6671C   A13050G  C16184T

14. Herrnstadt      A29.JS     mtDNA212(Asia)
T1717C   A8453G   G15047A  G15148A  G15355A  T15697C 

15. Kivisild        (3)A51.JS   DQ112876(Asia)
C5100T    G8584A  C8684T   T9758C   A11560G 
16. FTDNA2          A43.JS      EU219349             M8a2a
T152C    C271T    C2835T   C4670T   G6179A  T6671C   C11428A  A13050G  C16184T 


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