Haplogroup N*

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Haplogroup N* tree

All the sequences before the N* point have C10873T and after it 12705A.
Several haplogroups branch off at the N* point:- 
There are pages for Haplogroups 'A', 'I and N', 'W', 'X' & 'Y'.

There are also several sequences that come from close to the N* point,
for these see:-
the N* chart,
the N* Asian page,
the N* Far Eastern page,
the Haplogroup P page,
the Haplogroup S page,

and sequences near the N* point and not found on the other pages:

 1. Ingman_gyll   A6.JS       AY289056(Australian)
 2. Ingman_gyll   A8.JS       AY289058(Australia)

 3. Palanichamy   A56.JS      AY714031(India)

 4. Hunjasgov     A1.JS      EF495214(Australia)

The sequences have these differences from the CRS:

- for the main stem leading from H:

A73G     A263G    A750G    A1438G   A2706G   A4769G   C7028T
A8860G   G11719A  C12705T  C14766T  A15326G  C16223T  T16519C

and excluding changes at 309 and 315, and at 16183 & 16193

the mutation lists are:

 1. Ingman_gyll   A6.JS   AY289056(Australian)
T152C    C509T    C1628T   G5460A   G5563A   T6221C   G6755A   C9140T 
A10700G  T15300C  A15326G  T15852C  C15885T  A15924G  G16213A  G16303A 

 2. Ingman_gyll   A8.JS      AY289058(Australia)
T152C    C509T    G5460A   G5563A   T6221C   G6755A   C9140T   A10700G
T15300C  T15852C  C15885T  A15924G  G16213A  G16274A  G16303A  T16362C

 3. Palanichamy   A56.JS     AY714031(India)
G1719A   T5063C   T6011C   C6164T   A7076G   C7492T   G8545A   A9545G
A10232G  T11626C  A13434G  C14533T  T15262C  T15972C  A16051G  T16092C
C16111T  G16129A  T16311C 

 4. Hunjasgov     A1.JS      EF495214(Australia)
T146C    T152C    A178G    T195C    G2831A   G3483A   T4967C   C5300T 
C5704T   T6896C   A8631G   T10101C  A11020G  G13135A  A13263G  A16066G 
A16177G  T16189C  A16240G  C16261T  C16290T  T16311C