Haplogroup R*

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Haplogroup R* tree

Many haplogroups branch off at the R* point:- 
There are pages for Haplogroups 'B,', 'F', H', 'J', 'K', 'P', 'T', 'U' & 'V'.
And for R haplogroups - 'R1', 'R2', 'R5', 'R6', 'R7' 'R8', 'R9b', 'R11', 'R14','R30', 'R31'.

There are a few sequences near the R* point which are not found on other pages:

 1. Herrnstadt     (4)A38.JS  EF657484  mtDNA327(Europe)     CODING AREA ONLY

 2. Li (odds)      A9.JS      DQ462233(China)

 3. Palanichamy               AY713994(India)

 4. Phan                      DQ834259(Vietnam)

 5.  Behar                    EF556170

The sequences have these differences from the CRS:

- for the main stem leading from H:

A73G     A263G    A750G    A1438G   A2706G   A4769G
C7028T   A8860G   G11719A  C14766T  A15326G

and excluding changes at 309 and 315

and at 16183 and 16193


- and for Haplogroup R1:

C295A    T1391C   A3360G   A4026G   A4917G   C5586T   A5823G   C6557T 
T6671C   A7424G   T7547C   T8388C   A8887G   A10658G  A10825G  C13948T 
C14632T  T15721C  T16311C

- and for Haplogroup R2:

T4216C G14305A

- and for Haplogroup R5:

T8594C   A10754G  G14544A  T16304C  A16524G

- and for Haplogroup R6:

T12285C  G16129A  C16266T  T16362C

- and for Haplogroup R7:

G1442A   T6248C   A9051G   T9110C   A10289G  A13105G  T13830C
C16260T  C16261T  G16319A  T16362C

- and for Haplogroup R8:

A2755G  A3384G  T7759C  C9449T  T13215C

- and for Haplogroup R9b:

T1541C   C3970T   T12714C   G13928A  T16304C 

- and for Haplogroup R11:

G709A    8276.C   8276.C   T8277C   T10031C  A10398G  A10978G 
C11061T  A12950G  A13681G

- and for Haplogroup R14:
T4002C   T7022G   T9128C   G10172A  A11321G  A11560G  A12612G 
T13281C  A14002G  C14800T  T15394C  T15458C  

- and for Haplogroup R30:


- and for Haplogroup R31:


the mutation lists are:

 1. Herrnstadt    (4)A38.JS EF657484  mtDNA327(Europe)           CODING AREA ONLY
A3565G   C4260T   T8772C   C9759T   T10124C  C11710T  C12483T  A13434G  C14902T 

 2. Li (odds)     A9.JS      DQ462233(China)
T152C    C522.    A523.    A1736G   A3708G   T4248C   T5093C   C8794T   C12888T
T13469A  A15758G  C16223T  T16519C 

 3. Palanichamy              AY713994(India)
T195C    T246C    G3531A   T3644C   G4991A   A7364G   A9254G   T12285C  T16093C 
C16179T  A16227G  C16245T  G16274A  C16278T  T16362C  

 4. Phan                     DQ834259(Vietnam)
C150T    C269G    T1119C   T2442C   T3394C   C3435T   C3497T   C3571T   T3944C 
A4343G   C7990T   A8379G   A8425G   T9128C   T9179A   A9180G   A9214G   A9531G 
G11440A  C12882T  C13035T  C14803T  A14818G  G15346A  A15408G  T15447C  A15720G 
G16060A  T16061G  G16129A  C16179T  A16183-  T16189C  16193.1C G16274A  C16279T 

 5.  Behar                   EF556170
57.1C    C64T     A2355G   T2442C   T3847C   A12040G  C13188T  G14544A  T15674C 
T16126C T16362C