Haplogroup T1.

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Haplogroup T1 tree

Haplogroup T is an Indo-European haplogroup that separated from B,U,F,HV
about 40,000 ybp, and from J, maybe 15,000 ybp.

Here are the sequences for this haplogroup:

  1. Coble           (4)A19.JS   AY495288(European)
  2. Coble           (4)A20.JS   AY495289(European)
  3. Coble           (4)A21.JS   AY495290(European)
  4. Coble           (4)A22.JS   AY495291(European)
  5. Coble           (4)A23.JS   AY495292(European)
  6. Coble           (4)A24.JS   AY495293(European)
  7. Coble           (4)A25.JS   AY495294(European)
  8. Coble           (4)A26.JS   AY495295(European)
  9. Coble           (4)A27.JS   AY495296(European)
 10. Coble           (4)A28.JS   AY495297(European)
 11. Maca-Meyer      A26.JS      AF382006(Leon)

 12. Moilanen        (3)A41.JS   AY339570(Finland)
 13. Moilanen        (3)A42.JS   AY339571(Finland)
 14. Moilanen        (3)A43.JS   AY339572(Finland)
 15. Moilanen        (3)A44.JS   AY339573(Finland)
 16. Moilanen        (3)A45.JS   AY339574(Finland)
 17. Moilanen        (3)A46.JS   AY339575(Finland)
 18. Moilanen        (3)A47.JS   AY339576(Finland)

 19. Palanichamy     A40.JS      AY714015(India)
 20. Palanichamy     A61.JS      AY714036(India)

 21. Herrnstadt      (1)A33.JS   mtDNA34(Europe)      CODING AREA ONLY 
 22. Herrnstadt      (2)A15.JS   mtDNA87(Europe)      CODING AREA ONLY
 23. Herrnstadt      (2)A34.JS   mtDNA107(Europe)     CODING AREA ONLY
 24. Herrnstadt      (3)A35.JS   mtDNA249(Europe)     CODING AREA ONLY
 25. Herrnstadt      (3)A40.JS   mtDNA254(Europe)     CODING AREA ONLY
 26. Herrnstadt      (3)A61.JS   mtDNA276(Europe)     CODING AREA ONLY
 27. Herrnstadt      (3)A64.JS   mtDNA279(Europe)     CODING AREA ONLY
 28. Herrnstadt      (4)A8.JS    mtDNA295(Europe)     CODING AREA ONLY
 29. Herrnstadt      (5)A6.JS    mtDNA390(Europe)     CODING AREA ONLY
 30. Herrnstadt      (6)A21.JS   mtDNA492(Europe)     CODING AREA ONLY
 31. Herrnstadt      (6)A38.JS   mtDNA509(Europe)     CODING AREA ONLY 

 32. Kivisild        (2)A62.JS   DQ112817(Europe)     CODING AREA ONLY
 33. Kivisild        (2)A64.JS   DQ112819(Europe)     CODING AREA ONLY
 34. Kivisild        (3)A10.JS   DQ112835(Europe)     CODING AREA ONLY
 35. Kivisild        (3)A67.JS   DQ112892(Europe)     CODING AREA ONLY
 36. Kivisild        (4)A48.JS   DQ112943(Europe)     CODING AREA ONLY

 37. Pereira         A2.JS       EF177406(Portugal)
 38. Pereira         A5.JS       EF177409(Portugal)
 39. Pereira         A37.JS      EF177441(Portugal)

 40. Detjen          A3.JS       DQ358975

 41. FTDNA           A52.JS      EF645646

 42. Gasparre1       A50.JS      EF660961(Italy)
 43. Gasparre2       A38.JS      EF661000(Italy)

The sequences have these differences from the CRS:

- for the main stem leading from H:

A73G     A263G    A750G    A1438G   A2706G   A4769G
C7028T   A8860G   G11719A  C14766T  A15326G  T16519C

- and for Haplogroups J & T:

T4216C   A11251G  C15452A  T16126C

- and for Haplogroup T:

G709A    G1888A   A4917G   G8697A   T10463C
G13368A  G14905A  A15607G  G15928A  C16294T

- and for T1

- excluding changes at 309 & 315

- changes at 522 & 523 and at 16183 & 16193

the mutation lists are:

  1. Coble        (4)A19.JS  AY495288(European) T1
T152C    T195C    G9145A   T9899C   A16163G  C16186T  T16189C

  2. Coble        (4)A20.JS   AY495289(European) T1
T152C    T195C    T9899C   A16163G  C16186T  T16189C

  3. Coble        (4)A21.JS   AY495290(European) T1
T152C    T195C    C6077T   T9899C   C13056T  A15924G  A16163G  C16186T  T16189C

  4. Coble        (4)A22.JS   AY495291(European) T1
T152C    T195C    A8530G   T9899C   A16163G  C16186T  T16189C

  5. Coble        (4)A23.JS   AY495292(European) T1
T152C    T195C    T9899C   T15341C  A16163G  C16186T  T16189C

  6. Coble        (4)A24.JS   AY495293(European) T1
T152C    T195C    T9899C   A16163G  C16186T  T16189C

  7. Coble        (4)A25.JS   AY495294(European) T1
T152C    T195C    A5414G   A5558G   T9899C   T15412C  A16163G  C16186T  T16189C

  8. Coble        (4)A26.JS   AY495295(European) T1
T152C    T195C    G7852A   T8654C   T9899C   A16163G  C16186T  T16189C

  9. Coble        (4)A27.JS   AY495296(European) T1
T152C    T195C    T7258C   T10321C  A16163G  C16186T  T16189C

 10. Coble        (4)A28.JS   AY495297(European) T1
T152C    T195C    T9899C   T14106C  A16163G  C16186T  T16189C
 11. Maca-Meyer   A26.JS      AF382006(Leon) T1
T152C    T195C    T9899C   A16163G  C16186T  T16189C

 12. Moilanen     (3)A41.JS   AY339570(Finland) T1
C11647T  T16189C  T16243C

 13. Moilanen     (3)A42.JS   AY339571(Finland) T1
C11647T  T16189C  C16223T  T16243C  C16256T

 14. Moilanen     (3)A43.JS   AY339572(Finland) T1
T152C    T195C    C5478T   T9899C   A16163G  C16186T  T16189C

 15. Moilanen     (3)A44.JS   AY339573(Finland) T1
T152C    T195C    C5478T   T9899C   A16163G  C16186T  T16189C

 16. Moilanen      (3)A45.JS   AY339574(Finland) T1
T152C    T195C    C5478T   T9899C   A16163G  C16186T  T16189C

 17. Moilanen      (3)A46.JS   AY339575(Finland) T1
T152C    G8998A   T9899C   A16163G  C16186T  T16189C

 18. Moilanen      (3)A47.JS   AY339576(Finland) T1
T152C    T195C    C198T    T9899C   C14281T  T15852C  A16163G  C16186T  T16189C

 19. Palanichamy   A40.JS      AY714015(India) T1
T152C    T195C    T9899C   A16163G  C16186T  T16189C  C16242T

 20. Palanichamy   A61.JS    AY714036(India) T1
T152C    T195C    T204C    G9548A   T9899C   G10143A  T12028C  C14281T  A16163G 
C16186T  T16189C  G16244A 

 21. Herrnstadt    (1)A33.JS   mtDNA34(Europe) (1888) T1

 22. Herrnstadt    (2)A15.JS   mtDNA87(Europe) T1
G7853A   C15295T

 23. Herrnstadt    (2)A34.JS   mtDNA107(Europe) T1

 24. Herrnstadt    (3)A35.JS   mtDNA249(Europe) T1
G1598A   G6023A   T9899C 

 25. Herrnstadt   (3)A40.JS    mtDNA254(Europe) T1

 26. Herrnstadt    (3)A61.JS   mtDNA276(Europe) T1
T6320C   T9899C 

 27. Herrnstadt    (3)A64.JS   mtDNA279(Europe) T1
A4104G   T6221C   G8251A   T9899C 

 28. Herrnstadt   (4)A8.JS    mtDNA295(Europe) T1
A5378G   T6152C   G12406A 

 29. Herrnstadt   (5)A6.JS    mtDNA390(Europe) T1

 30. Herrnstadt   (6)A21.JS   mtDNA492(Europe) T1
A7001G   G9266A   

 31. Herrnstadt   (6)A38.JS    mtDNA509(Europe) T1
A5414G   T9899C   T14709C  T15412C

 32. Kivisild     (2)A62.JS   DQ112817(Europe) T1

 33. Kivisild     (2)A64.JS  DQ112819(Europe) T1
A3125G   C3804T   T7258C   T10321C 

 34. Kivisild     (3)A10.JS  DQ112835(Europe)  T1

 35. Kivisild     (3)A67.JS  DQ112892(Europe)         T1

 36. Kivisild     (4)A48.JS  DQ112943(Europe) (1888)  T1
G4580A   A4994G   T9899C 

 37. Pereira      A2.JS      EF177406(Portugal)       T1
T152C    T195C    C6713T   G7269A   T9899C   A16163G  C16186T  T16189C  T16304C 

 38. Pereira      A5.JS      EF177409(Portugal)       T1
G3834A   A8701G   A16163G  C16186T  T16189C 

 39. Pereira      A37.JS     EF177441(Portugal)       T1
T152C    T195C    T196C    A384G    G4959A   A5558G   T5964C   G9300A   T14180C 
A16163G  C16186T  T16189C  C16261T  C16327A 

 40. Detjen       A3.JS      DQ358975   (750)         T1
T152C    T195C    T9899C   G10143A  C14281T  A16163G  C16186T  T16189C   

 41. FTDNA        A52.JS     EF645646                 T1
T146C    T152C    T195C    G6480A   T7258C   T10321C  C15727T  A16163G  C16186T 

 42. Gasparre1    A50.JS    EF660961(Italy)           T1
T152C    A384G    T3335C   G4959A   A5558G   G7853A   G9300A   A16163G  C16186T 
T16189C  C16261T 

 43. Gasparre2    A38.JS    EF661000(Italy)   (15607) T1a
T152C    T195C    G3244A   G4720A   G4996A   T9899C   A14274G  G16023T  A16163G 
C16186T T16189C