Haplogroup T2.

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Haplogroup T2 tree
Haplogroup T2b tree

Haplogroup T is an Indo-European haplogroup that separated from B,U,F,HV
about 40,000 ybp, and from J, maybe 15,000 ybp.

Here are the sequences for this haplogroup:

 1. Coble           (3)A58.JS   AY495267(European)
 2. Coble           (3)A59.JS   AY495268(European)
 3. Coble           (3)A60.JS   AY495269(European)
 4. Coble           (4)A1.JS    AY495270(European)
 5. Coble           (4)A2.JS    AY495271(European)
 6. Coble           (4)A3.JS    AY495272(European)
 7. Coble           (4)A4.JS    AY495273(European)
 8. Coble           (4)A5.JS    AY495274(European)
 9. Coble           (4)A6.JS    AY495275(European)
10. Coble           (4)A7.JS    AY495276(European)
11. Coble           (4)A8.JS    AY495277(European)
12. Coble           (4)A9.JS    AY495278(European)
13. Coble           (4)A10.JS   AY495279(European)
14. Coble           (4)A11.JS   AY495280(European)
15. Coble           (4)A12.JS   AY495281(European)
16. Coble           (4)A13.JS   AY495282(European)
17. Coble           (4)A14.JS   AY495283(European)
18. Coble           (4)A15.JS   AY495284(European)
19. Coble           (4)A16.JS   AY495285(European)
20. Coble           (4)A17.JS   AY495286(European)
21. Coble           (4)A18.JS   AY495287(European)
22. Coble           (4)A29.JS   AY495298(European)
23. Coble           (4)A30.JS   AY495299(European)
24. Coble           (4)A31.JS   AY495300(European)
25. Coble           (4)A32.JS   AY495301(European)
26. Coble           (4)A34.JS   AY495303(European)
27. COble           (4)A35.JS   AY495304(European)
28. Coble           (4)A35.JS   AY495304(European)
29. Coble           (4)A36.JS   AY495305(European)

30. Ingman          A20.JS      AF346982(Georgian)

31. Maca-Meyer      A5.JS       AF381985(Morocco)
32. Mishmar         A1.JS       AY195745(Caucasian)
33. Mishmar         A23.JS      AY195767(Caucasian)

33a Moilanen        (3)A37.JS   AY339566(Finland)
34. Moilanen        (3)A38.JS   AY339567(Finland)
35. Moilanen        (3)A39.JS   AY339568(Finland)
36. Moilanen        (3)A40.JS   AY339569(Finland)
37. Palanichamy     A41.JS      AY714016(India)
38. Palanichamy     A47.JS      AY714022(India)
39. Palanichamy     A54.JS      AY714029(India)
40. Palanichamy     A62.JS      AY714037(India)

41. Herrnstadt      (1)A7.JS    mtDNA7(Europe)       CODING AREA ONLY
42. Herrnstdt       (1)A36.JS   mtDNA37(Europe)      CODING AREA ONLY
43. Herrnstadt      (1)A37.JS   mtDNA38(Europe)      CODING AREA ONLY
44. Herrnstadt      (1)A65.JS   mtDNA67(Europe)      CODING AREA ONLY
45. Herrnstadt      (1)A70.JS   mtDNA72(Europe)      CODING AREA ONLY
46. Herrnstadt      (2)A10.JS   mtDNA82(Europe)      CODING AREA ONLY
47. Herrnstadt      (2)A17.JS   mtDNA89(Europe)      CODING AREA ONLY
48. Herrnstadt      (2)A31.JS   mtDNA103(Europe)     CODING AREA ONLY
49. Herrnstadt      (2)A63.JS   mtDNA144(Europe)     CODING AREA ONLY
50. Herrnstadt      (2)A66.JS   mtDNA148(Europe)     CODING AREA ONLY
51. Herrnstadt      (3)A6.JS    mtDNA186(Europe)     CODING AREA ONLY
52. Herrnstadt      (3)A9.JS    mtDNA201(Europe)     CODING AREA ONLY
53. Herrnstadt      (3)A24.JS   mtDNA234(Europe)     CODING AREA ONLY
54. Herrnstadt      (3)A49.JS   mtDNA264(Europe)     CODING AREA ONLY
55. Herrnstadt      (4)A6.JS    mtDNA292(Europe)     CODING AREA ONLY
56. Herrnstadt      (4)A13.JS   mtDNA300(Europe)     CODING AREA ONLY
57. Herrnstadt      (4)A19.JS   mtDNA306(Europe)     CODING AREA ONLY
58. Herrnstadt      (4)A30.JS   mtDNA318(Europe)     CODING AREA ONLY
59. Herrnstadt      (4)A40.JS   mtDNA334(Europe)     CODING AREA ONLY
60. Herrnstadt      (4)A53.JS   mtDNA350(Europe)     CODING AREA ONLY

62. Herrnstadt      (5)A10.JS   mtDNA394(Europe)     CODING AREA ONLY
63. Herrnstadt      (5)A35.JS   mtDNA430(Europe)     CODING AREA ONLY
64. Herrnstadt      (5)A36.JS   mtDNA431(Europe)     CODING AREA ONLY
65. Herrnstadt      (5)A39.JS   mtDNA435(Europe)     CODING AREA ONLY
66. Herrnstadt      (5)A40.JS   mtDNA436(Europe)     CODING AREA ONLY
67. Herrnstadt      (6)A13.JS   mtDNA484(Europe)     CODING AREA ONLY
68. Herrnstadt      (6)A14.JS   mtDNA485(Europe)     CODING AREA ONLY
69. Herrnstadt      (6)A15.JS   mtDNA486(Europe)     CODING AREA ONLY
70. Herrnstadt      (6)A26.JS   mtDNA497(Europe)     CODING AREA ONLY
71. Herrnstadt      (6)A33.JS   mtDNA504(Europe)     CODING AREA ONLY
72. Herrnstadt      (6)A37.JS   mtDNA508(Europe)     CODING AREA ONLY
73. Herrnstadt      (6)A63.JS   mtDNA537(Europe)     CODING AREA ONLY
74. Herrnstadt      (7)A6.JS    mtDNA550(Europe)     CODING AREA ONLY
75. Herrnstadt      (7)A12.JS   mtDNA556(Europe)     CODING AREA ONLY

76. Kivisild        (2)A8.JS    DQ112763(N. Europe)  CODING AREA ONLY
77. Kivisild        (2)A26.JS   DQ112781(Asia)       CODING AREA ONLY
78. Kivisild        (2)A59.JS   DQ112814(Europe)     CODING AREA ONLY
79. Kivisild        (2)A62.JS   DQ112817(Europe)     CODING AREA ONLY
80. Kivisild        (3)A8.JS    DQ112833(Europe)     CODING AREA ONLY
81. Kivisild        (3)A17.JS   DQ112842(Europe)     CODING AREA ONLY

82. Tuo                         DQ437577(Mongol)

83. Pereira          A6.JS      EF177410(Portugal)
84. Pereira          A35.JS     EF177439(Portugal)
85. Pereira          A38.JS     EF177442(Portugal)
86. Pereira          A40.JS     EF177444(Portugal)

87. Gasparre1        A11.JS     EF660922(Italy)
88. Gasparre1        A17.JS     EF660928(Italy)
89. Gasparre1        A30.JS     EF660941(Italy)
90. Gasparre1        A49.JS     EF660960(Italy)
91. Gasparre2        A1.JS      EF660963(Italy)
92. Gasparre2        A10.JS     EF660972(Italy)
93. Gasparre2        A16.JS     EF660978(Italy)
94. Gasparre2        A20.JS     EF660982(Italy)
95. Gasparre2        A30.JS     EF660992(Italy)
96. Gasparre2        A39.JS     EF661001(Italy)

97. Hinttala         A3.JS      DQ489502              CODING AREA ONLY

98. La Morgia        A1.JS      EF060363

99. FTDNA2           A49.JS     EU258890
100. FTDNA3          A18.JS     EU492455(Ireland)
101. FTDNA3          A19.JS     EU494628

The sequences have these differences from the CRS:

- for the main stem leading from H:

A73G     A263G    A750G    A1438G   A2706G   A4769G
C7028T   A8860G   G11719A  C14766T  A15326G  T16519C

- and for Haplogroups J & T:

T4216C   A11251G  C15452A  T16126C

- and for Haplogroup T:

G709A    G1888A   A4917G   G8697A   T10463C
G13368A  G14905A  A15607G  G15928A  C16294T

and for T2

A11812G  A14233G

and C16296T & T16304C are variable

- excluding changes at 309 & 315

- changes at 522 & 523. and 16183-16193

the mutation lists are:

 1. Coble         (3)A58.JS  AY495267(European)  T2b
G930A    T4695C   G5147A   G6032A   G14016A 

 2. Coble         (3)A59.JS  AY495268(European)  T2b
G930A    G5147A   T12681Y  A12699G 

 3. Coble         (3)A60.JS  AY495269(European)  T2b
G930A    G5147A   G12795A 

 4. Coble         (4)A1.JS   AY495270(European)  T2b
G930A    G5147A   C16260Y 

 5. Coble         (4)A2.JS   AY495271(European)  T2b
G930A    G5147A   G7897A   T14798C  

 6. Coble         (4)A3.JS   AY495272(European)  T2b
G930A    2232.A   G5147A 
 7. Coble         (4)A4.JS   AY495273(European)  T2b
G930A    G5147A 

 8. Coble         (4)A5.JS   AY495274(European)  T2b
G930A    G5147A   G15773A 

 9. Coble         (4)A6.JS   AY495275(European)  T2b
G930A    G5147A   A10750G  A13722G 

10. Coble         (4)A7.JS   AY495276(European)  T2b
G930A    C4700T   G5147A   T8433C   A9455G   C12378T 

11. Coble         (4)A8.JS   AY495277(European)  T2b
G930A    G5147A 

12. Coble         (4)A9.JS   AY495278(European)  T2b
G930A    G5147A   A7289G 

13. Coble         (4)A10.JS  AY495279(European)  T2b
G930A    G5147A 

14. Coble         (4)A11.JS  AY495280(European)  T2b
G930A    T4688C   G5147A   C7891T   C13692T 

15. Coble         (4)A12.JS  AY495281(European)  T2b
G930A    G5147A   A12397G  G15043A 

16. Coble         (4)A13.JS  AY495282(European)  T2b
C458T    G930A    G1709A   G5147A   G9300A   C11533T  G12007A  G12771A 

17. Coble         (4)A14.JS  AY495283(European)  T2b
G930A    G5147A   T8504C 

18. Coble         (4)A15.JS  AY495284(European)           T2b
C458T    G930A    G1709A   G5147A   G9300A   C11533T 

19. Coble         (4)A16.JS  AY495285(European)           T2b
T204Y    G930A    2325.T   G5147A 

20. Coble         (4)A17.JS  AY495286(European)           T2b
G930A    T3826C   G5147A 

21. Coble         (4)A18.JS  AY495287(European)            T2b
T3C      G930A    T3826C   G5147A 

22. Coble         (4)A29.JS  AY495298(European)            -
T2850C   T7022C   T13965C  A14687G 

23. Coble         (4)A30.JS  AY495299(European)            T2b
G930A    G5147A   C11242G 

24. Coble         (4)A31.JS  AY495300(European)            -
T2850C   C4808T   A5498G   T7022C   A8435G   C9371T   T13965C  A14687G 

25. Coble         (4)A32.JS  AY495301(European)            -
T2850C   T7022C   T13965C  A14687G 

26. Coble         (4)A33.JS  AY495302(European)            -
T2850C   T7022C   T13965C  A14687G  A15935G 

27. Coble         (4)A34.JS  AY495303(European)            -
T2850C   C4808T   A5498G   T7022C   A8435G   T13965C  A14687G 

28. Coble         (4)A35.JS  AY495304(European)            -
T2850C   T6632C   T7022C   T13965C  A14687G 

29. Coble         (4)A36.JS  AY495305(European)            T2b
G930A    G5147A   C10961T  C11242G  G11914A  G15245A 

30. Ingman        A20.JS     AF346982(Georgian)             -
C150T    T16140C  G16153A 

31. Maca-Meyer    A5.JS      AF381985(Morocco) (11812)      -
C150T    C736T    A2308G   T14180C  G16153A  T16189C

32. Mishmar       A1.JS      AY195745.2(Caucasian)  (8697)  T2b
T152C    T195C    G930A    G5147A   A14836G  C14974G 

33. Mishmar       A23.JS     AY195767(Caucasian)            T2b
C317G    G930A    A2012R   G5147A   G14016A 

33a Moilanen      (3)A37.JS  AY339566(Finland) (16304)      -
T4823C   T7283C      C8775T   C10822T  A16146G  A16284G  C16292T 

34. Moilanen      (3)A38.JS  AY339567(Finland)              T2b
T199C    G930A    G5147A   A10750G  G14476A  G14544A  T16172C 

35. Moilanen      (3)A39.JS  AY339568(Finland) (16294)      T2b
T152C    G930A    G5147A   A9254G   T9653C 

36. Moilanen      (3)A40.JS  AY339569(Finland) (1888)       -
T195C    310.T    T5277C   T5426C   C8281.   C8282.   C8283.   C8284.   C8285.
T8286.   C8287.   T8288.   A8289.   C15028A  G15043A  T16189C  T16298C

37. Palanichamy   A41.JS     AY714016(India)                T2b
G930A    G5147A   G6182A   C11242G 

38. Palanichamy   A47.JS     AY714022(India)                -
T2850C   T5892C   T7022C   T13965C  A14687G 

39. Palanichamy   A54.JS     AY714029(India)                -
C150T    T204C    T980C    C2829T   G9139A   A11002G  G16153A 

40. Palanichamy   A62.JS     AY714037(India)                -
T152C    A606G    A5747G   T6221C   T7680C   C8859T   T13260C  G13708A  T16086C 

41. Herrnstadt    (1)A7.JS   mtDNA7(Europe)                 -
T2850C   T4688C   T7022C   A7299G   T13965C  A14687G 

42. Herrnstdt     (1)A36.JS  mtDNA37(Europe)                -
G7984A   C8270T

43. Herrnstadt    (1)A37.JS  mtDNA38(Europe)                T2b
G930A    G5147A   A9254G   A15758G

44. Herrnstadt    (1)A65.JS  mtDNA67(Europe)                T2b
G930A    G1709A   G5147A   C5459T   C7985G   G9300A   C11533T  G12007A

45. Herrnstadt    (1)A70.JS  mtDNA72(Europe)                -
T5277C   T5426C   C6489A   C8281.   C8282.   C8283.   C8284.   C8285.   T8286.
C8287.   T8288.   A8289.   T14020C  C15028A  G15043A

46. Herrnstadt    (2)A10.JS  mtDNA82(Europe)                 T2b
G930A    T3826C   G5147A   G14279A  A15151G  C15304T

47. Herrnstadt    (2)A17.JS  mtDNA89(Europe)                 T2b
G930A    G5147A   G6480A

48. Herrnstadt    (2)A31.JS  mtDNA103(Europe)                  -
T5277C   T5426C   A5843G   C6489A   C8270T   C8281.   C8282.   C8283.   C8284.
C8285.   T8286.   C8287.   T8288.   A8289.   C15028A  G15043A

49. Herrnstadt    (2)A63.JS  mtDNA144(Europe)                  -
T6392C   C8270T   C8281.   C8282.   C8283.   C8284.   C8285.   T8286.   C8287.
T8288.   A8289.

50. Herrnstadt    (2)A66.JS  mtDNA148(Europe)                   
T5277C   T5426C   C6489A   C8270T   C8281.   C8282.   C8283.   C8284.   C8285.
T8286.   C8287.   T8288.   A8289.   C8297.   C15028A  G15043A

51. Herrnstadt    (3)A6.JS   mtDNA186(Europe)                   T2b
G930A    G5147A   T6842A   A12030G

52. Herrnstadt    (3)A9.JS   mtDNA201(Europe)                    -
T13734C  C13758A  T13965C  A14687G  A15274G

53. Herrnstadt    (3)A24.JS  mtDNA234(Europe)                    -
T2141C   T3350C   G7041A   T9117C   G10589A  C12741T  T13965C  A13966G  A14687G

54. Herrnstadt    (3)A49.JS  mtDNA264(Europe)                   T2b
G930A    G3531A   G5147A   A8422G   G13928C  

55. Herrnstadt    (4)A6.JS   mtDNA292(Europe)                   T2b
G930A    G5147A   T5426C   G8572A 
56. Herrnstadt    (4)A13.JS  mtDNA300(Europe)                    -
T2850C   T7022C   T8715C   A12200G  T13965C  A14687G  G15257A

57. Herrnstadt    (4)A19.JS  mtDNA306(Europe)                    T2b
G930A    G1462A   T2226C   G5147A

58. Herrnstadt    (4)A30.JS  mtDNA318(Europe)                    T2b 
G930A    G5147A

59. Herrnstadt    (4)A40.JS  mtDNA334(Europe)                    -
G3918A   T9944C     C12762T  

60. Herrnstadt    (4)A53.JS  mtDNA350(Europe)                    -
G6026A   G9139A     G11887A  

62. Herrnstadt    (5)A10.JS   mtDNA394(Europe)                   -
A4129G   T13734C  C13758A  T13965C  A14687G  A15274G

63. Herrnstadt    (5)A35.JS    mtDNA430(Europe)                  -
C5187T   G6261A   C7873T   C10822T  G11914A

64. Herrnstadt    (5)A36.JS    mtDNA431(Europe)                  -
T2141C   A6710G   G8152A   T9117C   T13965C  A13966G  A14687G

65. Herrnstadt    (5)A39.JS  mtDNA435(Europe)                    -
T5277C   T5426C   C6489A   C8270T   T8277.   C8278.   T8279.   A8280.   C8281.
C8282.   C15028A  G15043A

66. Herrnstadt    (5)A40.JS    mtDNA436(Europe)                  T2b 
G930A    G5147A   C10961T  C11242G  T13753C

67. Herrnstadt    (6)A13.JS   mtDNA484(Europe)                   T2b
G930A    A3501G   G5147A   A8158G   G9947A   A12358G  T12441C  A13563G  T13743C

68. Herrnstadt    (6)A14.JS   mtDNA485(Europe)                   T2b 
G930A    G5147A   A10750G  C11047A

69. Herrnstadt    (6)A15.JS    mtDNA486(Europe)                  T2b
G930A    G3316A   G5147A

70. Herrnstadt    (6)A26.JS  mtDNA497(Europe)                    T2b 
G930A    G5147A   C9469T   G13145A

71. Herrnstadt    (6)A33.JS   mtDNA504(Europe)                   T2b
G930A    G5147A   T5426C   G8572A           

72. Herrnstadt    (6)A37.JS  mtDNA508(Europe)                    T2b
G930A    G5147A   C11242G  A12171G  C14896G     

73. Herrnstadt    (6)A63.JS  mtDNA537(Europe)                    -
T5277C   T5426C   C6489A   C8270T   C8276.   T8279.   A8280.   C8281.   C8282.
C8283.  C8284.    G11914A  C15028A  G15043A

74. Herrnstadt    (7)A6.JS  mtDNA550(Europe)                     -
T2850C   T4688C   T7022C   T13965C  A14687G

75. Herrnstadt    (7)A12.JS  mtDNA556(Europe)                     -
G1719A   T5999C   T9709C

76. Kivisild      (2)A8.JS   DQ112763(N. Europe)                  -
C8281.   C8282.   C8283.   C8284.   C8285.   T8286.   C8287.   T8288.   A8289.

77. Kivisild      (2)A26.JS  DQ112781(Asia)                       T2b
G930A    G5147A   A15212G

78. Kivisild      (2)A59.JS   DQ112814(Europe)                    -
A783G    G6261A   A9524G   C10822T  G11914A  C12346T  T15479C

80. Kivisild      (3)A8.JS DQ112833(Europe) (1888)                T2b
G930A    T4823C   G5147A   C6935T

81. Kivisild      (3)A17.JS DQ112842(Europe)                      -
G6260A   A9234G   A12397G

82. Tuo           DQ437577(Mongol)      (750 4917 8697 10463)     -
T152C    C194T    T5093C   A5747G   C8684T   A8774G   T10410C  T13260C  T13469A
G13708A  A16175G  A16497G 

83. Pereira       A6.JS   EF177410(Portugal)                      -
C150T    G16153A 

84. Pereira       A35.JS   EF177439(Portugal)                      T2b
T195C    G930A    G5147A   A9254G   A10041G  G10589A  G12651A  T16172C 

85. Pereira       A38.JS   EF177442(Portugal)                      -
T4695C   T6620C   G11914A  A12172G  G14040A  C16260T  T16325C 

86. Pereira       A40.JS   EF177444(Portugal)                      T2b
G930A    G5147A   G14016A 

87. Gasparre1     A11.JS   EF660922(Italy)                         T2b
G930A    C3157T   G5147A   T11899C  G14016A  A15836G  T16136C  

88. Gasparre1     A17.JS   EF660928(Italy)                         T2b
T195C    G930A    G4580R   G5147A   G5821A   

89. Gasparre1     A30.JS   EF660941(Italy)     
A574C    C5817T   G6261A   C8455T   C10822T  A13973T  C16292T  G16390A 

90. Gasparre1     A49.JS   EF660960(Italy)                         -

91. Gasparre2     A1.JS    EF660963(Italy)                         T2b
55.T     T57C     T59C     C151T    T152C    G930A    G5147A   G5471A  
A5656G   A10750G  C16292T 

92. Gasparre2     A10.JS   EF660972(Italy)                         T2b  (incomplete)
T195C    G930A    T4823C   G5147A   G5185A   C6935T 

93. Gasparre2     A16.JS    EF660978(Italy)                        T2b
G930A    G5147A   C11242G  C16192T 

94. Gasparre2     A20.JS    EF660982(Italy)                        T2b
T152C    G930A    G5147A   A9254G   T15445C  

95. Gasparre2     A30.JS    EF660992(Italy)                        T2b  (incomplete)
T334C    G930A    G5147A   A9180G   G9966A   G11440A  G12056A   C16292T 

96. Gasparre2     A39.JS    EF661001(Italy)                        -(incomplete)
C41T     C150T    C5396T   G9932A   G16023T  G16153A  

97. Hinttala      A3.JS     DQ489502                               T2b
G930A    T4681C   G5147A 

98. La Morgia     A1.JS    EF060363                                -
C150T    A4136G    G6026A   T8222C   G9139A   G11778A  G16153A  A16293G 

99. FTDNA2        A49.JS   EU258890                                -
C41T     C150T     G16153A  A16207T 

100. FTDNA3       A18.JS   EU492455(Ireland)                       T2b
T152C    G930A     G1719A   G3918A   G5147A   A8718G   A9254G   A10398G 
C11563T  A16181G  

101. FTDNA3       A19.JS   EU494628                                T2b
T152C    G930A     G5147A   A9254G   C16239T