Haplogroup U9.

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Haplogroup U9 tree

Haplogroup U is an Indo-European haplogroup.

Here are sequences for this haplogroup:

 1. Achilli_Rengo      A11.JS      AY882389(Ethiopia)       U9a
 2. Achilli_Rengo      A12.JS      AY882390(Pakistan)       U9b

 3. Kivisild           (2)A10.JS   DQ112765(Pakistan)       U9b

 4. Hartmann           EU597540(Pathan, Pakistan HGDP00214) U9b 06-APR-2008

 5. Fornarino          FJ770944(India)                      U9a 10-AUG-2009

The sequences have these differences from the CRS:

- for the main stem leading from H:

A73G     A263G    A750G    A1438G   A2706G   A4769G
C7028T   A8860G   G11719A  C14766T  A15326G

and for Haplogroup U
A11467G  A12308G  G12372A

and these for U9

G499A    A1811G   G3531A   G3834A   T5999C  C6386T   T14094C

- excluding changes at 309 & 315, changes around 523 & variation of 16519

the mutation lists are:

 1. Achilli_Rengo      A11.JS      AY882389(Ethiopia)       Haplogoup U9a
G5460A   C8974T   C12852T  A16051G  C16261T  C16278T  T16311C

 2. Achilli_Rengo      A12.JS      AY882390(Pakistan)       Haplogoup U9b
T195C    573.1C   573.2C   573.3C   573.4C   T1005C   A9299G   A11350G  A12615G 
T13111C  G15930A  C16242T

 3. Kivisild           (2)A10.JS   DQ112765(Pakistan)       Haplogoup U9b
573.1C   573.2C   573.3C   573.4C   573.5C   A9299G   A11350G  A12615G  T13111C 

 4. Hartmann           EU597540(Pathan, Pakistan HGDP00214) Haplogroup U9b 06-APR-2008
T195C    573.1C   573.2C   573.3C   A9299G   A11350G  A12615G  T13111C  A15951G 
T16263C  C16355T 

 5. Fornarino          FJ770944(India)                      Haplogoup U9a 10-AUG-2009
C1734T   T3290C   C5306T   T7870C   G9554A   G15077A  A16051G  C16147T  C16193T 
C16278T  T16357C