ver. 1.001          Lingo Trainer          written by Ian Logan

select 4 or 5-letter   select level   click

Enter your attempt and then try it

Lingo Trainer is a simple program that allows you to improve your skills.
Note there is no clock to worry about, all guesses are accepted
and there is no limit on the number of your guesses.
Also pressing REVEAL at any stage will show the correct result.

To start, select the 4, 5 or -letter version. The 4-letter version is the default.
Select whether a Fair or a Hard game is wanted. A Fair game is the default.
Each Hard game has about 600 extra words, many of which are quite obscure.

Now click on PLAY.
Most browsers allow for the playing area to be re-shaped. So do this if wanted.
Enter your guess in the lower text box, and click on TRY IT.

The results appear on the left,
with letters in the correct place being in 'UPPER CASE',
and letters that are present, but are in the wrong place are in 'lower case'.
Your guess appears on the right inside < ... >.
Correct! appears when the guess is successful.

At any point, press:
REVEAL to show the correct result.
CLEAR to abort the game
PLAY to start with a new challenge

*** GOOD LUCK ***