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Latest Update Information:
31-DEC-2016 KU761560-China-2016 added - Asian
31-DEC-2016 KU761561-China-2016 added - Asian
31-DEC-2016 KY272991-Brazil-2016 added Haplogroup B1
27-DEC-2016 KY317936-Columbia-2016 added Haplogroup B1
27-DEC-2016 KY317937-Columbia-2016 added Haplogroup B4
27-DEC-2016 KY317938-Columbia-2016 added Haplogroup B4
27-DEC-2016 KY317939-Columbia-2016 added Haplogroup B4
27-DEC-2016 KY317940-Columbia-2016 added Haplogroup B4
20-DEC-2016 KY328289-Honduras-2016 added Haplogroup B2
20-DEC-2016 KY328290-China-2016 added - Asian
11-DEC-2016 KY272987-Thailand-2016 - Asian
20-NOV-2016 KY012348-9 -Mexico-2016 added Haplogroup B2
09-NOV-2016 KX269878-Haiti-2016 added Haplogroup B3
21-FEB-2016 'Brazilian Reference Sequence' added

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Updated 15 January 2016